Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Europa final

The Europa final takes place on Wednesday between two Portuguese outfits Porto and Braga. I won't go through many ways to say that I can barely see Braga winning this.

Braga is a good side but its main strength is playing on home ground where it is really formidable. It is very poor on its travels and that does not bode well even when playing on a neutral site. I've selected Braga to good effect on their home matches this year and it's worked well, but I cannot recommend them when they are playing away from home.

Porto, on the other hand, are Portuguese champions this year because they are effective on the road as well. They are certainly a more complete team than Braga. Obviously, this is a final and anything can happen in a final. But for me, Porto is a much better team and looks the likelier to lift the Cup at the end. I recommend them as Cup winners as well as draw-no-bet.

Europa Winner: Porto
Draw-no-bet: Porto

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