Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As thick as they come

Barcelona and Shackleford were losers for the week-end while the rest of the selections went on fine.

The talk in football was all about the pre-match hand-shake snub of Suarez towards Evra. There are lots of thick players in the EPL (think Balotelli, Tevez, Barton...) but Suarez is without doubt the thickest of them all. So he thinks he's the victim in the whole episode, even though he's been found guilty of racially abusing the Frenchman! Livepool fans and club must be kicking themselves in the teeth for having such a ignominious character.

The whole week prior to the game, everyone's been talking about the eventual hand-shake, and you'd think that one of the things on Kenny Dalglish's mind would be to witness it or attempt to see its outcome. "I never knew he never shook his hand" he quipped live in the post-match interview...Amazing reaction from the King himself; he's just about running out of excuses for the striker but turned in a great acting performance live on tv. With the PR damage, it would not surprise me if King Kenny and his striker got the boot from the owners at the end of the season.

Man Utd got the 3 big points and are as menacing as ever to Man City. The latter will have the benefit of getting their African stars back. It looks that Tevez could also be back in the frame for the Citizens; is it an act of desperation or forgiveness? For sure, the Argentinian at his best is an asset to any team in the title run-in.

La Liga has already gone to Madrid, and there's just this worry that both Barcelona and Madrid won't field their best teams in the league games anymore because of the margin of error the Los Blancos are enjoying. I can see them fielding weakened teams on the week-end whenever they have Champions League game coming up. Mourinho will be all too aware that the UCL is the next big one to get, with La Liga in the bag.

In golf, Tiger could not close again. He seems having a tough time finding his 4th-round mojo where he usually leaves his opponents trailing in his wake. Instead, he flopped badly in the final round again, shooting a 75. Tiger's not quite back yet but he's getting there. Patience, patience as we await the golf icon back to his dominant best . It's getting close, I believe.

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