Monday, August 13, 2012

No time-out

The one-two punch of Bolt/Blake have proved great for punting, great for the Games and great for Jamaica.

These Games have really been glorious and spectacular. No drug story was scandalous or big enough to mar them; I thought the Opening and Closing ceremonies were just brilliant. Rio de Janeiro will really need to over-achieve to top that. With its record medal haul, Great Britain obviously must consider itself very successful on the sporting side as well. It will be hugely interesting to see how the Sports Personality of the Year will pan out this year. So many names to consider; Wiggins, winner of bicycling Holy Grail in the Tour de France and Olympic gold, Mo Farah's amazing 1000 & 5000-metre wins, Andy Murray, Sir Chris Hoy, Jennifer Ennis etc would all be deserving winners in any year.

The Olympics really does eclipse every other sporting event. Rory Mc Ilroy just won a Golf Major in the PGA Championship over the week-end and no-one seems to have noticed. Excelebration also won the Jacques Prix Le Marois at Deauville in a star-studded field, in the absence of Frankel, but the Closing ceremonies were Sunday's only talking point. In the euphoria of London's glowing moment, everything else takes a backseat. Such has been these past months; a very unusual, incessant and sport-filled Summer. Only a few months ago, the EPL ended on a thrilling note as the Manchester heavyweights battled to the finish line, followed by Spain re-coronation at the Euros, then came the Olympics, deemed one of the most fabulous ever, and already next week the cycle begins again with the start of the new EPL season. Sports fanatics never had it so good. We are rolling again.

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