Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easy path for Real Madrid

I've read several reports of Galatasaray having a chance of causing an upset tonight against Real Madrid; I just cannot see it happening. I don't even think that the Turkish team is comparable in any way, shape or form to the Spanish giants. Sure they have Drogba and Sneijder. They have a good manager. But it's a huge stretch to think that they can go win at the Bernabeu. It's a longshot to think that they can go through to the next round. I don't think any of this will happen. The Turks barely scraped through Shalke in the last round and that does not bode well facing possibly the second best team in the world. They might score against Real Madrid tonight but there's every reason they will be outscored in the process. Real Madrid should win tonight.

The other game between Malaga and Dortmund looks more even-handed; the Spaniards have to try to make the difference at home if they are to overcome their formidable opponents over 2 legs. Dortmund is a difficult beast to play against, whether on the road or at home. Having already surrendered the Bundesliga title to Bayern, the Germans will put all their effort in the UCL and must be favourites to go through. I think tonight will be a very tight affair and it will not be surprising if this game is decided with 1 goal difference or in a draw. Sitting the fence on this one.

Win: Real Madrid

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