Friday, April 14, 2017

EPL 2016/17 - Week 34

Tottenham v/s Bournemouth - Home win
Crystal Palace v/s Leicester - Home win
Everton v/s Burnley - Home win
Stoke v/s Hull - Home win
Sunderland v/s West Ham - Draw
Watford v/s Swansea - Away win
Southampton v/s Man City - Home win
WBA v/s Liverpool - Home win
Man Utd v/s Chelsea - Home win
Middlesbrough v/s Arsenal - Draw

Spurs have a great opportunity to close the gap with Chelsea this week-end. I see lots of goals in their match against Bournemouth, a team they should over-power to snatch the 3 points. The Cherries can give back a battle of their own and have goal scoring abilities but their weak defence will give Ali, Kane and Son nothing to fret about.

I can see Swansea getting a shocker result at Watford. The Swans are still in the bottom three but they have produced combative matches lately and they have a sense of urgency about them. The same cannot be said of the Hornets who basically have nothing to play for and that has been translated in their recent matches.

Another shocker in the cards could be West Brom against Liverpool. The Kops were oh-so-lucky to come away with a win at Stoke thanks to 2 glorious minutes from their Brazilian superstars. I doubt lightning strikes twice for Klopp's men who are certainly not firing on all cylinders. West Brom are a tough nut to crack at home and it would not surprise me a bit if they overcome the favoured Kops.

Finally, I see Man Utd putting a brake to Chelsea's run to the title on Sunday. It is clear that there is a deep animosity between Mourinho towards Conte and Chelsea. The Red Devils are playing for the 4th UCL spot and although they don't win enough, they are a tough team to beat. If they were less profligate at the net, this team should be in second place right now. Chelsea are not plain-sailing at the moment; they are overly reliant on Hazard to turn matches around while striker Costa seems to be stuck in some lull on and off the field. I don't see the hosts losing this and their odds of a win look very enticing. At the very least, they will get a draw.

Win: Tottenham, Man Utd, West Brom, Swansea

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