Monday, March 21, 2011

Musings from the week-end.

6 winning recommendations out of 8, with the remaining 2 voided, is what I would call a super week-end. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Lazio, Inter and Napoli all won, while Arsenal and Tottenham drew for voided bets.

Man Utd have that will to win, and even with 10 men, they managed to get the 3 points. It's been well reported that this is no vintage Man Utd team, but I would say this Man Utd team is by far over-performing than its predecessors. Of course, their hopes for the title are being greatly aided by the misfiring of their rivals, none more so than Arsenal that can't shake off their 'choker' mantra. The Gunners could still win it at the end, given their easier schedule, but losing 5 points to West Brom is not what you would typically call title-deserving. Chelsea are winning again but they have too much ground to cover. Man City and Tottenham definitely look out of it.

In La Liga, it was business as usual with Barcelona and Real Madrid winning. This is just great from a punting point of view as the results are very predictable. At this point, these 2 teams are doing enough to win their matches, with their minds on their direct clashes in League and Cup games and most possibly Champions League. Mouth-watering prospects for football fans.

In Italy, Inter are only 2 points back of Milan. Their improbable qualification at the hands of Bayern in the Champions League will have given them renewed self-confidence, and this team is certainly good enough to win the Serie A again, and also reach the final of the Champions League. Milan seem to be out of gas, and the momentum is definitely on Inter's side.

Some off-field football news with Capello handling the armband to Terry again. It amuses me that the protagonists in this saga namely Capello, Terry and Ferdinand are making such a big story out of it. Does the England fan care? Or does the England fan care whether these flops are going to finally win a trophy? The whole England setup (team, staff) have left such disappointment in the wake of the last World Cup that the decisions or indecisions about the captaincy sound superfluous.

Finally a note on racing where it was announced today that Bold Silvano won't make the Dubai World Cup. Shame really, I had real hopes on seeing him in the first 3. Also, Snow Fairy won't make the Scheema Classic. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be lots of opportunities on the race card to pounce on. This week I'll sure be keeping up to date with the developments and countdown leading to this great meeting. And I'll be sure to keep this blog posted on any value bets I can find on the all-weather cards and football. Thanks for staying tuned.

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