Friday, March 4, 2011

Week-end Football Preview

The recommendation on Borussia Dortmund was good as they beat Cologne and look to win the title in a canter. It's another loaded week-end of European football coming up.

In the Premier League, Man Utd travel to their arch-rivals Liverpool where sparks will certainly fly. The Kops will be keen to put a dent in Utd's hopes of landing the title that would surpass them as the winning-est team in English football. Man Utd are the better team and deserved favourites but the game itself can go either way, so no recommendation on that one. I like Man City's chances at home to Wigan. Although City have lacked some cutting edge of late, and will feel the effects of losing Kolo Toure to suspension, they should have enough strength in their squad to overcome Wigan. A draw-no-bet on them is recommended.

In the Serie A, I like Inter and Napoli as they host Genoa and Brescia respectively. Draw-no-bets on both of the hosts look safe and are recommended.

In Spain, Barcelona should win at home against Zaragoza, and Real Madrid should not lose at Santander. Although the Arsenal Champions League game is bound to be on the minds of the Catalans and there is a question mark as to what effect missing their coach Pep Guardiola for the past days and on the bench will have, it should be normal procedure for them to overcome Zaragoza. A Win on them is recommended. Real Madrid suffered a mid-week blow in losing Ronaldo to injury and it remains to be seen how it will affect them. I recommend them as draw-no-bet.

Win: Barcelona
Draw-no-bet: Man City, Inter, Napoli, Real Madrid

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