Thursday, June 16, 2011


So You Think got turned over by Rewilding in what was a thrilling race. Many conclusions could be drawn right after the race. Was So You Think an overhyped phenomenon? Or it Rewilding that good? The Godolphin charge won fair and square and it seemed to indicate that the Australasian star was not that superior as many and I had thought.

Trying to explain the defeat, Aidan O'Brien goes on camera to the blame on himself for having "under-trained" the horse for the race. Wait a minute. Bombshell. So, So You Think was not fully prepared for Royal Ascot's Group 1 Prince of Wales Stakes? Why? The other horses were no good? Overconfidence? Arrogance?

It seems to be a trait of the Ballydoyle master to put a blame on himself when things don't go right. He blamed himself, not anyone else, for St Nicholas Abbey's dismal last season. Now he's blaming himself for SYT's loss yesterday. Very honourable, but where does that leave the rest of punters that put their faith in the horse thinking that he would at the very least, have been given optimal preparations to win?

It's ok when you back a horse that is beaten fair and square. It's bad when a horse you back is hampered or suffers conditions in a race that prevents it from winning. It's unforgivable when you back a horse that is entered in a Major race that is not given the proper chance from the trainer to win.

Racing is a tough enough sport to crack, and when you get a flagrant lack of judgment from a leading trainer whose abilities most, including I, respect, you don't have to wonder far to see why many are leaving the sport.

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