Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chances gone at the gates

Ghalaa was un-placed, finding a clear dislike for the soft conditions. Very disappointing, but still one to watch on good to firm ground.

The latest football news look like Fabregas is on his way to Barcelona. At least that would shut up some of the class-less Barcelona players and staff who've been endlessly muttering the "Cesc wants home" song for the past 2 years. This is bad news for Arsenal. Well, it's good news for the club's coffers and possibly for the executives' bonuses, just like it's been for selling Henry, Vieira, Adebayor, Anelka, Petit, Overmars in the past, but it's really bad news for their Cup or title aspirations. All of the above-cited, besides Anelka, were past their prime when Wenger dumped them. The difference is that Fabregas has been the Gunners' heart-beat for the past years and is getting better and better. His exit sends the wrong signal to the team about the priorities of the club; money or cups?

It used to be confined to the likes of Ajax and Porto, which are great hotbeds for nurturing young stars, who are then sold to bigger clubs (like Arsenal) once they've shown their superiority in the lesser Dutch and Portuguese leagues. Arsenal seem to be heading in their direction.

With Nasri also rumoured to wanting out, this is not looking good for the Londoners. Arsenal seem to have lost any chance before the season has started. The odds are good that the drought is about to continue.

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