Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Real in the clear

O Barca! It looked to be another great week-end with Chelsea and Madrid winning, and Man Utd drawing for a voided punt, until Barcelona did the unthinkable and got sunk at Getafe. I wrote last week about starting to take position on Real Madrid for the title; I more than strongly think that they cannot be caught. Obviously, the mumblings from the Barca camp is that there is still a long way to go, but they are voices of desperation at the task ahead of them. For all I can see, the longer the race, the longer can Madrid prolong their lead! They are the hungrier team, and with 6 points already in hand, they won't be allowed to rest on their laurels with a coach like Mourinho. Obviously, Christiano Ronaldo has to stay injury-free until the end of the campaign to greatly help their cause. They are really in the clear

In the Premier League, the gap is still 5 points between the 2 Manchester teams. I couldn't believe the headlines with David Beckham saying that City had NO chance to win the title! Usually he talks sense, but this time he certainly set aside all reasoning, talking as a Utd fan. Obviously, City have a great chance to win the title and Utd cannot afford to continue misfiring like against the likes of Newcastle this week-end. Sure, there's the controversial penalty, but the problem is deeper, in that the team is being continually rotated to make due of injuries and lack of a real playmaker.

The racing news of the week-end was the defeat of Danedream in the Japan Cup. I don't think she was outclassed in finishing sixth, around 4 lengths off the winner. Obviously the winner Buena Vista is a super filly on her own and deserves this win more than anyone else after having been quite harshly disqualified in last year's edition. There's a lot of upside in following Danedream next year as she looks to get even better, in my opinion.

Going back to football, in a few hours, Barcelona host Rayo Vellacano for a La Liga game. No doubt here, however disappointing the Blaugrana were against Getafe, they are impenetrable at the Nou Camp and should win this handily. A straight win is an easy recommendation here if you're willing to go for the considerably short odds.

Win: Barcelona

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