Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chelsea blues

Man City and Inter Milan won as expected; pretty straightforward selections. Man Utd went to thrash Fulham 5-0 in London, which was a fantastic result for the Mancunians. They seem to be in great form and cannot be dismissed at the moment. They will not give up their title cheaply to their city rivals by any means! I still think strongly that City are in the driving seat.

Chelsea and Tottenham drew to the delight of both Manchester teams. Although John Terry had a very good game, I don't expect him to be able to give commanding performances game-in game-out until his prosecution affair is sorted out. There isn't any doubt that this will affect his game and his mental sharpness in the games to come. In fact, he could be a liability to his already-struggling defence. No doubt that courting Gary Cahill is a priority for Villa Boas at this moment. With or without John Terry, Chelsea will win neither the Premier League nor the Champions League, that's a given, in my mind. They are bound to lose Drogba for the Africa Cup in January. Realistically, they could even be out of the top 3 if Tottenham can keep their momentum. The Blues are still a good club with able players but I would not go close to punting on them for any title this year.

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