Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clear out

Both Manchester teams kicked out of the Champions League at the group stage! While City beat Bayern, albeit with futility, the Red Devils were beaten and KO'd in Basle.

There is no doubt which part of Manchester is hurting the most right now. The words at Old Trafford must be Clear Out! If the Carling Cup defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace must have started the clearing process, yesterday's defeat in Switzerland will most certainly have upped the urgency! I have a feeling that a lot of names, big or small, will not come back after next Summer after this disastrous exit from the Champions League.

The problem yesterday though was mostly Rooney. His mind is clearly not in his football since his family's scam accusation problems. How many goals has he scored since they were made public? One measly goal... On his best form, he would have scored at least 2 yesterday.

The other obvious problem at Utd is the injury list. There was no Chicharito, Berbatov or Owen to bail out the severely depleted attack. The only real playmaker of the team, Cleverley, was also out. One cannot help but ask if Sneijder would have filled beautifully in that spot, only if he had been signed!

However, in the end, the manager mostly always gets it right and although the ship is showing serious signs of sinking, Sir Alex Ferguson has proven to have the magic touch to bring it up again.

Man City for the title, as I have been writing, looks very cozy at the moment though.Very cozy indeed.

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