Monday, March 19, 2012

Win and Lose for Barcelona

Man Utd won, West Brom drew but Fulham got surprisingly thrashed at home to Swansea. I must admit I did not expect Brendan Rodgers' men to be of that kind of threat on the road, and they really mustn't be taken lightly whether at home or away.

It looks that Real Madrid gave a glimmer of hope to Barcelona by suffering a draw at home this week-end. I say this because I see that their odds to win the title have lengthened three-fold on the exchanges after their draw. I believe they are at this rate, of massive value. The Los Blancos are still 8 points clear at the top and I find it impossible for them to be caught. A wise fox like Mourinho won't let that happen. May be if they suffer a points deduction because of some irregularity or a la Glasgow Rangers, that can happen. But what are the chances of that? Real Madrid will win La Liga this year and I cannot see any logic in the layers on the exchanges. They are offering a return much much higher than the current rate of interest and if you're willing in to wait less than a couple of months for a return, there's no better place to go.

Even better, wait for Barcelona's match against Granada on Tuesday, after which Real's odds to win La Liga will have lengthened a little bit more. Guardiola's men are hitting full gear with a Messi in unbelievable form and should easily win this game.

Win: Barcelona

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