Friday, July 13, 2012

Bad Blood

It's been a quiet week and I anticipate it to be as such until some event like the Olympics get started. Of course there is horse racing but with the wet weather that is plaguing the area, race cards are either being cancelled or proving hard to follow because it is impossible to gauge the form with the soft/heavy conditions. Also there is the Tour de France, but we all know it is a competition for a bunch of doped cyclists trying to prove a futile point. But the aerial shots of the French scenery are spectacular to watch as usual.

Keeping abreast of football activities during the off-season, there are some exciting reinforcements for the Premier League. Japanese Kagawa is the one that catches the eye for the moment after this transfer to Man Utd. I think he is looking like another great addition to the Red Devils. He played a key role in the three-pronged attack at Borussia Dortmund and has scored some beauties last year. He is quick and two-footed. It will be interesting to see Fergie opt for a Rooney-Kagawa-Chicharito strike force, and possibly do away with his preferred 4-4-2. Things look exciting at Old Trafford even though on paper, they still have room for improvement to match neighbours City.

The highlight of the week-end, in England at least, looks to be the boxing match between 2 prima donna's David Haye and Chisora. Much has been said about their off-ring antics, particularly Chisora who's as unstable an athlete I can think of. Slap to Klitschko during weigh-in, brawl with Haye during post-match...nothing honourable for him to cheer about (but then, boxing was never about gallantry). Fact is, Chisora speaks a lot but does not have the talent of David Haye. The latter is coming out of retirement, and if he's not too ring-rusty, he will prove too strong for his opponent. The bad blood that exists between the 2 should provide for an exciting bout. In the end, the more professional Haye should prevail, and that's the recommendation.

Win: David Haye

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