Monday, June 20, 2016

Euro 2016 - Bale to the rescue

England will probably be resting some first-team players like Rooney for their last match against Slovakia but their squad is big enough to win the match. Given that the Lions are already through to the next round , it will be a perfect opportunity to check upon the dispositions of bench players like Wilshere and Vardy etc to start the match. The Slovaks will aim for a draw to at least secure the third and qualifying spot.

The other match between Russia and Wales with the Welsh looking the likelier to get something out of the match. The Russians have been disappointing so far, having won a fortuitous point against England before succumbing to the Slovaks. They don't seem to have any team chemistry and the chances of their play improving seems very suspect. Wales flinched to England in extra time but were deserving losers as they were under pressure for most of the match. It seems some moments of magic in dead-ball situations from Bale offer their best chances to score. He will need better support from what he's received so far from the likes of Ramsey and Allen in the middle of the park if they are to test the Russians. Russia needs to win this match to go through and if the Welsh defence can keep as tight and compact as they have been, then Bale can certainly exploit the looming gaps at the other end. I see Wales either tying or winning this and thus securely make it through the next stage.

Win: England
Win or Draw: Wales

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