Friday, June 10, 2016

Euro 2016 - England to the test

England need to make a strong showing against Russia to show that they are real contenders for the overall win. So often they have looked dominant in the qualifying stages only to peter out when during the tournament. Russia are no push-overs but if the Lions play to their potential, they should have enough fire power to win this match. The cause for concern for England is really their defence which lacks a real world-class rock. The Russians might not have a striker to worry them but the other major teams definitely will. Unless they produce a dismal showing (which by the way is not entirely impossible), England should beat the Russians.

Finally Wales are in a major tournament. Thanks to Bale. Wales' chances all rely on the Real Madrid star; if he performs, they can win. Without him, they are nothing. Slovakia is certainly within their grasp if Bale can run the circus. The Slovaks have shown their intent by shocking the world in beating Germany in a friendly a couple of weeks back; they lack a true star but they can hold their own against the Welsh. Possibly a draw in the offing in this one.

Switzerland against Albania is an interesting one as the origin of many in the Albanian team come from Switzerland. History will be made by pitching the Xhaka brothers playing for opposing teams. On paper, the Swiss should prevail but it actually won't be a shock if Albania, the minnows of the tournament, get something out of this match.

Win: England

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