Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Champions League Wednesday

Draw-no-bets are great as they can save the wallet whenever a certain win gets smashed into a draw, just like in the case of the Barcelona v/s Milan match. Amazing that a team like Barcelona does not have proper backups to centre-halfs Puyol and Pique. If these are missing from their upcoming visit to Madrid in a few weeks time, the result will only go one way, as defensive midfielders Mascherano and Busquets clearly form a porous defensive pair at best.

I was mentioning that yesterday's CL games would be mouth-watering for draw purists. Four out of the 8 matches ended up drawn, so the 0.5 ratio means that was a fantastic night for picking draws.

I see Real Madrid and Man Utd winning their respective matches against Dynamo Zagreb and Benfica tonight. Mourinho's men should be too strong for the Croatians and I recommend them as outright win. It will probably be tougher for the Red Devils during their visit to Portugal. Still, they have an impressive away record in the Champions League in the past few years and they are in great form, so I find it hard for them to get beat. I recommend them as a strong draw-no-bet.

Win: Real Madrid
Draw-no-bet: Man Utd

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