Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm misfiring in football at the moment. Barcelona crushed Osasuna, but Arsenal, Bolton and Madrid lost, while Villa and Inter drew their matches for voided punts.

Backing the Gunners at this time is a mistake. Their defence is such a shambles that punters playing the "over 1.5 goals" in their matches must be having a field day. Their back four is as permissible as their offence is potent. But yet another loss this week-end means that Wenger's position at the helm looks really in danger. There is no doubt that popular support for the Frenchman is waning by the day, and unless the club can forge out a few good results in the coming weeks, the calls for him to resign or be fired will not dampen. This is all reminiscent of his last days at Monaco years ago where the results never improved whenever he was put under that kind of pressure.

Man Utd won the week-end battle against Chelsea and are definitely on the upward curve. Sure, they got the breaks in the match and the score could be somewhat flattering, but this young team is already finding a way to win. They will only get better and better, which isn't good news for the rest of the league. While Chelsea put in a decent performance, I still think this team needs an overhaul to be considered as title challengers. This is clearly a team that is in expiry time. And the sitter missed by Torres was just unbelievable. Clear fodder for his critics and something that will certainly not boost his low confidence. Well-taken goal though.

In Spain, it was oh Madrid! Gone were their chances when Khadeira was sent off during the first half. I mentioned in my preview that the Zagreb travel could take something out of them, but I I still expected them to put a decent show and score at least one goal. Knowing that Barcelona put in 8 the previous day should have given them enough drive against Levante. It didn't, and far from it, they came up very poorly. Maybe they are not as good as I thought.

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