Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flip Flops

The football form was good over the week-end, with 5 selections out of 6 hitting the target, but the golf prediction on Tiger and Rory was a helluva-wayward shot to say the least. Both finished with a dismal +5, far from the Top 10.

What else to say in EPL? City have blown it big time. Alex Ferguson is an unparalleled genius. Man City's money cannot buy what Man Utd have; their manager, their heritage and their instilled desire to win. This 20th title (who can doubt it's not a done deal) will feel super sweet for the Red Devils, that's for sure.

What a turn around of events between La Liga and EPL. A few weeks ago, it looked like Real Madrid was cruising easily to the title in Spain, while the Manchester teams were battling it out to the wire in England. Suddenly, Man Utd have killed off the rest of the pack in a quick and decisive fashion, while Real's 10-point lead has frittered to the point where they have Barcelona smelling blood. A four point advantage is still consequential, but Guardiola is fooling no-one by saying that his team's chances to go top is near-impossible. Real are still masters of their destiny and should win this, but one more faux-pas and Barcelona will be the ones to enjoy all favouritism come the Clasico in a few weeks time.

In a few hours, Barcelona should cut the gap to just 1 point when they host Getafe. They should win this game no problem.

So what to make of the Tiger and Rory flops in the Masters? They both had a good opening round on Thursday and then it all went downhill from there. Maybe Tiger still needs have to work on a few more things and that the Augusta Major came a little too soon since his win just a couple of weeks back. Maybe Rory shouldn't have taken 3 weeks off, and would have been better off with a prep tourney a week before the tournament? Just maybe's. But I felt Lee Westwood was the one to feel that this was one he should have won. He was the best at hitting fairways but just couldn't get hot on the putter. The fact that he putted 21 times more than Phil Mickelson, yet still finishing with the same score, and only 2 shots off the winner, says it all. It wouldn't be surprising if Westwood captured his first Major (finally) soon.

Win: Barcelona

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