Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Masters Showdown 2012

Barcelona won and qualified, and they deserved it over the 2 legs. But their second penalty was not one. In every competitive football game, there are shirt foul tugging on corners that practically never ever get called. How the referee deemed that was necessary in such an important match at such a decisive time is mind-boggling. Barcelona are the best and do not need the ref's assistance, but there are many examples in recent years to the fact that they benefited from such dubious decisions from the men in black in the Champions League (think against Chelsea, Inter, Arsenal previously).

Tomorrow is the Golf Masters, my favourite golf Major of the year. Obviously, Tiger and Mc Ilroy draw all the attention here and on their current form, I would have no reservations seeing them both finish in the Top 10. My only issue is with the weather tomorrow, which could have some effect on the leaderboard. Tiger will tee off from the morning group where fine weather is expected. Mc Ilroy is part of the penultimate starting group in the evening when showers and thunderstorms are expected in the Augusta surroundings. That would be a big hindrance for the evening playing groups if the meteorological predictions prevail.

With that in mind, I have no problem seeing Tiger finish in the Top 10 on Sunday. As long as Rory has kept pace come the week-end and nature hasn't been too hard on his chances, he should finish in the Top 10 as well.

Masters Top 10: Tiger Woods, Rory Mc Ilroy

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