Thursday, June 14, 2012

Even strength

Spain won easily and dumped Ireland, while Italy complicated its path to the next stage by drawing with Croatia. The Cup holders are back to favouritism with the bookies after their thrashing of the Irish. Deserved favourites or not, they are still the most feared team of the tournament.

Tomorrow sees England face nemesis Sweden and, hosts Ukraine locking horns with the French. Looks like 2 matches ripe to end in draws, I think! The Swedes have an amazing record against England in major tournaments in recent times but they are not as good as in previous years. However, the same can be said of England, who have seen better talent than the current squad. I see a draw being a major possibility here and if someone is going to win this, it's going to be the English. So, England as a draw-no-bet is the recommendation.

I believe Ukraine and France look set to draw as well. There is no certainty or safe selection here as the game has an equal chance of swinging either way if there is to be a winner. If these 2 games indeed end in a draw, the last 2 matches could be quite something.

Draw-no-bet: England

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