Monday, June 11, 2012

Ugly is good

A full week-end it was, one which could have ended up great, had Holland and Ireland not lost. The fact that the Irish folded so tamely against the Croatians was disappointing as I was expecting them to do well during these Championships.

Nadal dominated Djokovic to win his seventh French Open. One thing to bear in mind from now on is that he's less effective in wet conditions where his strokes lose a lot of their spin. He's still the best, but Nole is clearly on the upward curve on the clay surface. We'll see next year if he can bridge the gap with the Spaniard.

Union Rags won the Belmont and with I'll Have Another's premature retirement, is definitely the 3-year old to follow. The Michael Matz horse will surely be playing a leading role in the important mile and a quarter Summer races.

England just drew with France in the Euros. 12-1 were the shots on goal in favour of France, England's only shot leading to a goal. What to make of this performance other than it was an important point gained? Expect a boring, disciplined, robotized England under the Hodgson guidance. At this point, long-suffering England fans will not care if the football spectacle is sacrificed for success. The FA must have known that when they appointed Hodgson, and I concur. England is at a point where it's better to win playing ugly than to play well and get a negative result, as has been many times the case in the past years. Really, outshot 1-12 would have looked like a disaster a few years back, but no longer. Even against a not-that-good French team that is a far-cry from the Zidane years.

These Euros are there for the taking. I believe there are more surprises in the offing during the group phase.

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