Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coronation for Man City

Sunday sees the curtain call to one of the most exciting and dramatic seasons of the EPL. In the end, Man City will win it because no-one can see them being beaten by West Ham at home on the last day. Here are some thoughts on the some of the fixtures of the ultimate day.

Cardiff v/s Chelsea. Cardiff will go down and Chelsea can at most look for 2nd place should Liverpool falter against Newcastle. Second place is not an enticing proposition to either Mourinho or the Blues at this time. Amazing, but Mourinho will finish the season empty-handed for the second time in a row, after last year's debacle at Real Madrid. That must be tough for someone that is driven by trophies like no other. Still, I cannot see Chelsea lose this match and a draw-no-bet on the visitors looks reasonable.

Hull v/s Everton. Don't expect Hull to go all guns blazing for a win here because they are bound to rest players for their upcoming FA Cup final against Arsenal. Everton have nothing to play for, having missed out on a UCL spot but will play in Europe next year. They will probably try to finish an excellent year on a high and a win at Hull does not look improbable at all.

Liverpool v/s Newcastle. Who'd thought before the season started that Liverpool will end up disappointed with a 2nd place finish? They should because they have blown it big time and wasted a glorious opportunity to win the league. I don't know if they'll have such an opportunity again in the near future. That said, they should easily dismiss of Newcastle on Sunday, but will all be aware that Man City will have gotten their required point against West Ham.

Man City v/s West Ham. Can City blow it? They almost blew it against QPR 2 seaons ago. They blew it against Wigan in last year's FA Cup final. They blew it against Sunderland at home a few weeks ago.  Mentally, they have lapses. But not getting at least a point at the Etihad against West Ham when the title is on the line, would be the greatest meltdown on all. I cannot see that happening. Vincent Kompany will lift the EPL trophy at the end of the day.

Southampton v/s Man Utd. I don't know what message interim manager Giggs was trying to send out when fielding newbies Wilson and Lawrence in their last home game? It almost seems as if he did not seem interested to give a chance of redemption for established players that have seen their stars dimmed during this catastrophic season. There is no doubt that this is a team at the end of a cycle that will undergo massive surgery in the off-season. On the other hand, the Saints have enjoyed an excellent season and are a force to reckon with at home. I like their chances as a draw-no-bet, knowing full well that they don't have anything to play for, while the Red Devils have an outside chance for a Europa League spot with a win.

Sunderland v/s Swansea. Even though they are safe after a fantastic last closing weeks, Sunderland should ride the great wave of momentum they are in and win their last home match against Swansea. I don't know how much the visitors have to rejoice at the appointment of interim manager Monk to the permanent position. I think they would have been better off with a proven manager. We'll see next season, but for this match, the form that Sunderland are in makes them impossible to oppose.

Tottenham v/s Aston Villa. I think that Spurs will get the last Europa spot. Although I was very skeptical from the start, I must say that Tim Sherwood has done a great job for them. There is definitely the vibes that he won't retain the position as Spurs, and particularly its chairman, want an established world-known name. They should beat a Villa team that has nothing to play for and should have less than full in the tank after their exertions at the Etihad in mid-week.

Win: Everton, Liverpool, Man City, Sunderland, Tottenham
Draw-no-bet: Chelsea, Southampton

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