Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Epic Kop-llapse

What a stunner of a comeback by Crystal Palace to foil Liverpool today! With a 3-0 lead, the question for the Kops was whether to park the bus and secure the 3 important points or improve the goal difference to bridge the gap with Man City's. Call it monumental tactical mistake or defensive collapse, but it seems that Liverpool have all but scuppered their major chance of securing the league in years. This year looked to be their moment and by all accounts, it seems that they've blown it big time. The thought of Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal being even better next year will fill the Kops with regrets as regards this season giveaway. Scenes of Gerrard on his knees and of a shattered and inconsolable Suarez during the post game will be the lasting impression on the Kop despite the club's fantastic season. Unless Man City decide to give it all away...

The nightmare seaon of Man Utd is nearly over. Gone is Moyes and Giggs was hailed after a thumping win against lowly Norwich. Then Sunderland came to put things in their perspective and tone down the claims that Giggs was THE ONE. I wonder why Carlos Quieroz hasn't been solicited. At least his name hasn't been mentioned at all in the press, unlike Van Gaal who seems to be the appointed one. I mention SAF's ex-number 2 here, because having the read SAF's second autobiography, you'd feel that his choice for manager besides Moyes would have been Quieroz. It's true that the great man does not decide things anymore at Old Trafford, and with the Moyes debacle, these decisions would be more the domain of other instances such as the owners and chief executive. With Hull visiting on Tuesday, it might be worth having one last faith in the old brigade. Granted, Rooney will be missing, but it's difficult for me to see Hull presenting any clear danger here. They are almost out of the relegation danger but their play in the past few weeks gives me no confidence whatsoever for a proper showing. I see Man Utd finally ending their home misery and get the win, something which has been shockingly missing in their repertoire this season.

Win: Man Utd

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