Saturday, May 17, 2014

End of drought

I can't possibly see anything other than Arsenal lifting the FA Cup in a few hours. They have Ramsey and Ozil back and have displayed very good form in the closing weeks of the EPL. Hull's best chance is to drag the game until the lottery of penalties but I reckon that the Gunners have enough firepower to score before then. Mind you, Man City inexplicably lost the final to Wigan last year. Arsenal lost to Birmingham in the League final a few years back. So, nothing's a certainty but I still think that Hull will be toothless today. The difference in class is evident. This should end the famous silverware drought for long-suffering Gunners fans. Take that Mourinho; Arsene Wenger, the man you labelled as a specialist in failure is bound to have a more successful season than you and Chelsea!

Win Cup: Arsenal

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