Thursday, June 19, 2014

WC 2014: 19th June

Some quick selections:

Colombia v/s Ivory Coast. I think Colombia was flattered by the 3-0 scoreline against Greece. The Greeks did not take their numerous chances to score. I believe Ivory Coast were a little lucky to beat Japan. If the game is tight, both teams will probably settle for the draw and that is the preferred selection.

Japan v/s Greece. A draw will not suit both teams and they should be going for the jugular in this one. Japan had a much better showing against Ivory Coast than I expected and should at least come out of that game with a point. Their quick play will disturb the Greeks and I see them win this match.

England v/s Uruguay. The loser of this game goes home and I think it will be Uruguay. England played quite well against Italy but the Italian realism won on the day. I think all the talk about Suarez will be moot after this game; I can't see him being 100% fit or sharp for such a match. Based on the poor performance from the South Americans in the first match, England should have too much firepower in this match.

Win: Japan, England
Draw: Colombia/Ivory Coast

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