Friday, June 20, 2014

WC 2014: 20th June

Italy v/s Costa Rica. The Costa Ricans created one of the shocks of the tournament in beating Uruguay but the jury is still out on their real quality. Italy were not impressive by any means against England in their first match but it will be hardly suprising if they get much better as they progress. The Italians will be keen to secure first place once and for all and I see their realism play again as they get the win.

Switzerland v/s France. The Swiss were lucky to win their first match against Ecuador and they seemed to be struggling mightily in the heat. France are a team under the radar and their good 3-0 win in their opening match has put them in a good position to secure top spot of the group. I can see a France win by the minimum margin, although a draw would not be unlikely as well.

Honduras vs Ecuador. Ecuador sprang up a nice mini-surprise by holding the Swiss at bay for such a long time in the first match. They would have gotten a good point had it not been for the last winning kick of the match for the Swiss. Honduras play as rough and physical a team as you can expect. Ecuador have the better team and should win this.

Win: Italy, France, Ecuador

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