Monday, June 23, 2014

WC 2014: 23rd June

Netherlands v/s Chile. Both teams are through but the dangling carrot here is to win the group so as not to face the winners of Group A, which most probably will go to Brazil. The Chileans will probably go for the all-out win, which is not an impossible task. Although these 2 teams beat Spain, they have shown weaknesses against Australia, so this game is really up for grabs. A negative for Holland is that they will be missing striker Robin Van Persie. Probably a draw is the likeliest result but this match could end up in anyone's hands.

Australia v/s Spain. Who'd thought that Spain could end up last of the group, and they would end up in that position if they fail to beat Australia. Although beaten in their first 2 matches, the Aussies have shown remarkable grit and determination in giving Chile and Holland huge scares; these teams were made to fight for their wins and were it not for some untidy finishing at key moments of those games, Australia could have actually won at least one of those games. Spanish players will be keen to at least beat Australia in order to stop the humiliation extending any further. They will probably field their second team but they have enough quality to win and that's why I am siding with them for this match.

Cameroon v/s Brazil. The Brazilians should win this group by beating Cameroon handily.

Croatia v/s Mexico. The most important match of the day by far as the winner goes through to the next round. I think Croatia has the better team and squad but Mexico players will be better apt to battle in the heat. Without too much confidence, I think the Mexicans will play for the draw in order to go through.

Win: Spain, Brazil
Draw: Netherlands v/s Chile, Mexico v/s Croatia

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