Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great week-end results, and 1-month blogging birthday!

Great week-end indeed with Barcelona and Bayern Munich winning, and Man City drawing with Birmingham for a voided bet. This puts our strike rate to 88% for a total of 30 winning recommendations out of 34 (I don't count voided bets), after exactly one month of blogging. I mentioned some time ago that I would like to hover around the mid-90% mark, so there are still lots of work to do to reach that goal in the first place, and then try to maintain it. I am not there yet, but the past month has been really fun analyzing the football and race-cards and sharing recommendations. Hope you jumped on the winners.

This week will be full of international football friendlies; in terms of both game-play and punting, friendlies are a totally different ball game than real qualifiers, so caution is advised. There will be all-weather cards to look for opportunities as well. So thanks for staying tuned, and may the good run continue!

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