Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday results, and woeful England.

It seems quite a few of yesterday's musings and predictions came true! I was talking runner-up syndrome yesterday, and Fashionable Gal came up second again! Purtuis, the winner of the race, was the one I mentioned was the main danger. Hence, the Place recommendation on the Gal was spot on. When a horse hasn't learnt to win yet, it's very hard to have an outright Win punt on it.

At Kempton, Cape Classic validated the Place prediction I placed on it by coming out third. Having a run of accurate predictions and recommendations as of late really does boost the confidence level for betting.

Now let's talk football with England losing at home to France. Remember what I mentioned about friendlies? Although I thought England would edge that one, it feels good that I did not recommend a bet as I explained yesterday. Friendlies are real mine-fields I have stayed away and will stay away from. Anyway, back to the game, and I watched a woeful, pitiful England. France were deserving winners, they had more zest, more energy and they were enterprising from the start. This England team (especially the midfield) looks shackled, devoid of any inspiration. The only bright spot was Andy Caroll, who I thought had a brilliant debut. I don't want to be an England-basher (the press will do enough of that), but they really play like robots. No brilliance, except maybe some flashes in injury time. Sigh sigh...

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