Monday, December 13, 2010

Another winning week-end and City talk

Another great week-end where all 4 recommended punts won; Barcelona, Madrid and Bayern all won, and Oversteer was placed when second at Southwell.

Chelsea are still dropping points like flies, but the main story of the week-end for me is the news that Tevez is "officially" wanting out of Man City. The rumours have always been there, and now confirmed with his written letter to the club. There is no doubt in my mind that City's chances of clinching a trophy this season will be very well diminished if they lose their best player. Poor City, the owners have invested so much into bringing stars to the club, but they simply can't shrug off news of continuous unrest at the club. But isn't that the real price that you pay for when you get players like Robinho, Adebayor, Ballotelli, all known for big "I" egos, with little commitment to the team concept? And I'm not even talking about Bellamy who like Robinho was eventually dispatched away. With all the recent attention, Tevez is showing that he isn't far off this kind of mould too, although he was certainly far more restrained in his brief years at Man Utd or West Ham. In any case, I don't think any of the title contenders will be shedding any tears if he decides to leave the Premier League.

It's the big game today between Utd and Asenal. Far too close to call this one. It can go any way. I think it's the best chance for the past years that Arsenal have, to go snatch a win at Old Trafford. For the past years, the Red Devils have had not only the absolute mental edge, but also the better team as well; which has translated into dominant wins against the Gunners. This year is slightly different because Man Utd are a new team and don't boast someone of the Ronaldo-type who can turn a game around at any time. Rooney is also on the comeback trail and not at his peak form yet. So the result is bound to be more open and I'll keep myself from giving any recommendation. Whoever scores first won't lose, I think.

But there'll be more to come this week with the Europa league, and all-weather racing. Thanks for staying tuned, and have a good week.

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