Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks Spain and Abu Dhabi for the matches.

3 more winning recommendations this week-end, with 2 more cancelled because of the climate in Britain. Barcelona, Madrid and Inter won, while Arsenal and Celtic had their games postponed. In the form that they are in, Barcelona are just stream-rolling everybody, whether at home or on the road. Madrid were made to work for their win particularly when playing with 10 men after the sending off of Carvalho. I was never nervy as I was watching the game since I had them as draw-no-bet, which really takes the stress out of the equation; I wouldn't have been worse off if it ended in a draw. Inter won the World Club Cup, but there isn't much glory for them in that in my opinion, since the other teams were really inferior. But hey, it was easy pickings to punt on them, and punts really won't come as easily than that. It looks that the main story is what Rafa Benitez said after the game, and it will be interesting to see what transpires out of it. He seems to be in defensive mode since his failures in his later years at Liverpool.

It's too bad the weather is still wrecking havoc, with the cancelled cards and matches. Oh well, we'll have put up with it, I suppose. I don't mind, particularly when a race is still on the cards, and the main contenders are withdrawn. This calls for unforeseen value opportunities to arise among the remaining field. I'll keep you posted as I see them.

Really great that AP McCoy won the Sports Personality award. As you can tell, I don't follow much National Hunt racing, and am mainly focused on the Flat. But the way McCoy has re-written the history books is quite unbelievable. And quite a humble being too, I like that.

Have a good week!

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