Sunday, December 26, 2010

Clear advantage to Man Utd

Man Utd and Celtic both won as recommended. Celtic only scored two in the 90th minute, and this is a sign that there is a lot of room for improvement over there; you've certainly got to think twice before putting your hopes on them in the future. Man Utd are just plain sailing at the moment, and I really fancy their chances to win the title at the end. Their odds will probably be even smaller tomorrow if Chelsea fail to win. In my opinion, Chelsea will not go get 3 points at the Emirates tomorrow. But their game against Arsenal is really too close to call since both teams are very unpredictable. Any prediction on the result on my part will be pure speculation.

Only for those who really need to have a punt (excess cash from past profit!) on Monday, Sloop JohnB might be worth a look in the Southwell 13:15. I believe it will be in the first 3, but because it's a claiming race, I won't give a recommendation on it. There are no guarantees when punting on claiming or selling races because you just don't know why the horse has been entered into such races in the first place; for instance, is there a problem with the horse? There's the X-Factor of the unknown, and this throws away any past form compiled by the horse. There are obviously exceptions to this rule particularly for horses that display regular form in such races, but I try to avoid analyzing those races in general. Going back to the Southwell race, I like Sloop JohnB because it goes well on the fibresand (course and distance winner), the distance will suit perfectly, the jockey is respectable, and the horse is in good form. The ingredients are there for it to run a good race among this lot (only Matsunosuke is clearly above all on ratings, but it's never won at Southwell), but I'll abstain from a recommendation because of the reasons cited above.

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