Thursday, December 30, 2010

Narrowing the gap in EPL

Chelsea beat Bolton, and it was a hard-fought win as predicted.  Arsenal lost another 2 points, and the shocking result of the afternoon was Liverpool losing at home to Wolves. Can anyone argue that this year the demarcation between top and bottom teams have narrowed in the Premier League? Small clubs are having a go at snatching points against these rebuilding big clubs. While it's too early to say whether the gap will keep on narrowing in the near future, what is almost certain to me is that these circumstances dictate that it would be very hard for an English team to win the Champions League this season. Some would argue that is a pretty bold prediction so early, but I really think that there is more downside punting on an English team to win the tournament at this time. So I would say stay away from such ante-post bets for now.  Maybe circumstances can change come February, where injuries and suspensions of players can play a role in affecting teams' potentials, but by then the indications and hence the punting will be clearer.

No recommendations for Thursday; no football and I haven't seen anything of value in racing. The year is really winding down!

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