Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arsenal is spotting a trophy and normality to resume at Barcelona

Arsenal are travelling to Ipswich for the first leg of their semi-final Carling Cup. This year's Cup is certainly the best chance of silverware the Gunners have had for a long time. Arsene Wenger has been criticized for the drought of trophies that has plagued his team for over 5 years now, and he will be the first to realize that failure to land this very winnable prize will only fuel the pressure. Let's face it; West Ham, Birmingham and Ipswich have hardly any chance if Arsenal play their best team to win the Cup. Given this matter of urgency and importance, the Gunners will hardly need any extra motivation from their manager when visiting an Ipswich team that won't ooze confidence after their drubbing at the hands of Chelsea last week-end. I recommend Arsenal as a draw-no-bet because they can't lose that one.

Barcelona host Betis in the Copa del Rey. Following the distraction of the FIFA awards this week whereby their top 3 players were involved in the Player of the Year race, Barcelona should continue their winning ways and stride to the next round. I read some articles today about the Spanish press likening the Messi coronation to a national affront. Surely their expectations were high into thinking that either Iniesta or Xavi would win it. There was another article that was alluding to the start-of-the-end for Barcelona because the seeds of jealousy have been sewn among Messi and his 2 teammates after the award results. This remains to be seen, but I don't think so (unless these 3 players were called Balotelli!). Barcelona will lose its edge in Spain whenever Mourinho has his team ready to usurp them! Not sure how long this will take, this year? next year? That's what makes La Liga so exciting to follow these days. Anyway, back to the game on Wednesday, and I recommend Barcelona as draw-no-bet. They will most probably win the game but I'll stick with the draw-no-bet option because it's a Cup game and probably some first-team players will be rested (and in the last round, got burnt when they drew 0-0 at home against Bilbao).

Draw-no-bet: Barcelona, Arsenal


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  2. Yes, there have been lots of doomsday reports concerning horse racing lately (mainly in UK and US from what I'm reading). Actually I will write more about that in a blog post soon. It's still very much alive in me though and long may it live long. Thanks for reading!