Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Collapse

Canada leading 3-0 and a period of hockey to go, and you think punting does not get any easier than that. Take a nap and 20 minutes later, and realize that Russia has scored 5 unanswered goals to win the game and the gold medal... Amazing meltdown, the greatest collapse in the history of world junior hockey as the commentator was saying. If my hockey punting ego has taken a huge beating, I wonder how stunned real Canadian hockey fans must be! Congratulations Russia, well-deserved world champs, and that could be the turning point into the revival of Russian hockey.

Earlier, Barcelona drew with Bilbao for a voided bet. Again then, I had stopped watching after they scored, thinking they had the game in control, only to find out later that Bilbao tied the game five minutes from the end! Oh well, I suppose I can look at the outcome positively, and the draw-no-bet saved me there! On Thursday, Madrid are at Levante and although the coach is saying they will treat this seriously despite having won the first leg 7-0, the motivation will probably be with Levante to ease some of the humiliation. No recommendation there as this can go any way.

In the Premier League, Man Utd is just laughing its way towards the title. It got the perfect results possible on Wednesday with Chelsea and Tottenham losing and Arsenal and Man City fighting to a dull goal-less draw. I wonder if Paddy Power will soon consider the title race over and start paying out?

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