Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barcelona to go through, and Gold for Canada!

Man Utd won their game after 2 brilliant plays from Nani. The guy has quite simply become the danger man for the Red Devils this year; to stop them, you've got to stop him first. With the paucity of available wingers as I was mentioning in the previous post, Man Utd's chances of success depend much on a fit Nani.

On Wednesday, it's the return leg of the Copa del Rey and Barcelona are at Athletic Bilbao. If the King's Cup is high enough on Guardiola's priorities (after the Champions League and La Liga), then Barcelona should field a team strong enough to win this encounter and go through. Indications from the Barcelona web site are that he is taking the game seriously although their number one keeper Valdes won't start. Barcelona has too much class, and a draw-no-bet on them is the recommendation.

Time to put on my ice hockey hat for the World Junior Ice Hockey Final between Canada and Russia. Quite simply, I cannot see the Canadian juniors lose this one. For many, Russia is extremely lucky to be in this final after overcoming the Finns and Swedes when they had their backs to the walls. You cannot deny there is some resilience in that team as well, but I doubt that will be enough against the might of the Canadian team, who also beat them 6-3 in the opening rounds. I have to mention this hockey match in this blog because all the ticks seem to be right for this Canadian team, and the only team which could have stopped them winning gold are the unluckily-eliminated Swedes (the only team to have beaten them). Canada to win gold on Wednesday night in Buffalo in front of a partisan crowd is the recommendation.

Win: Canada
Draw-no-bet: Barcelona

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