Monday, January 10, 2011

Bis repetita Messi!

Messi won the FIFA player of the year, followed by Iniesta and Xavi. My predictions on that one were just the opposite. So indeed, the panel did not take into consideration medals or cups won by the players. If a player shows that he's superior than the rest, then he will be picked as the champion-elect regardless of whether he ended up winning a trophy or not. That's fine if that is how the process works, but it brings me to this point; why isn't Ronaldo then in the top 3? I'm probably missing something, but hey, there's no science on this process and subjectivity plays a big part of it. Mourinho won the coach of the year as I mentioned he would, but I was really surprised by the small margin he won by against Del Bosque (35% to 33%). Can't believe that had a few votes changed hands here and there, he wouldn't have won it. Again, it's pointless trying to understand the workings behind the minds of voters. Losers or winners, these professionals will be none the poorer because of these awards.

I can't find any value bets in either all-weather racing or football for Tuesday. The Asian Cup is also in full-swing as from this week, so will be on the look-out on anything that catches the eye.

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