Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man Utd laughing at Chelsea again!

Man Utd just finished beating Chelsea to advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League for a winning recommendation. The two Utd goals were again assists from the ever-green Giggs. The guy is just amazing; at 36, he's as, or even more decisive now than he was a few years ago! Stuff of legends, really. As for Chelsea, the season is over, and the critics already have their knives out; Torres, 50-million dollar man, no goal. The rebuilding process should be starting soon, I reckon. At least, Terry will stop his non-sense talk that Chelsea still have a successful season ahead of them, something he's been repeating after they've been out of contention from every competition!

Tomorrow, Real Madrid and Schalke should book the remaining spots of the semi-finals. More non-sense talk as some voices from Tottenham talk of possibility of advancing... I suppose, to be fair, they have to believe in something, or else what's the point of playing? But the chances of them advancing are really nil (unless Real get disqualified for some reason). They might win the match, they might beat some other team by 4 goals (e.g., Inter), but they won't beat a team coached by Mourinho by 4 goals. There is no manager better at managing a  result and parking the bus than the Portuguese. Even Barcelona with one extra man could only put 1 against Inter last year at the Nou Camp. So how can Spurs, whose coach has never beaten Mourinho in 6 tries, do it? No, Real will qualify and any odds on offer for this is really free money. As for the final result of the match, any of the 2 teams can win this game, so no recommendation on the outcome.

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