Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just finished watching the Schalke-Man Utd game... I don't think there's ever been a gulf of class between 2 semi-finalists! Could Schalke be that bad or did they choke? Or was Man Utd too good? Amazing really, but to say that Man Utd was dominating would be an understatement! Without the excellent keeper Neuer, Schalke could have been hit by 6 or 7! Maybe the Schalke coach got tactics wrong, or maybe the Red Devils were too much to handle, as Valencia had the leisure to pick on his poor left-back opponent all night long. Whatever the reason, Man Utd is going to Wembley. I was wrong mentioning it was going to be tight. I was right saying Man Utd is in good form. In fact, I think they are in devastating form right now.

So, good winning recommendation on the Red Devils, which atones for the 2 bad racing calls on Asraab and Wolfgang which both finished 4th, and therefore out of placings.

Tomorrow is the first leg of the Real Madrid v/s Barcelona clash. The farce of the Copa del Rey game from both sides still leaves me with a sour taste of disappointment. The theatrics of both teams made a mockery of what should have been a football celebration. I don't know what they have in store tomorrow, maybe more player acting, referee bashing and defensive tactics. I believe Real Madrid have come out with the momentum from the Cup final. As visitors, Barcelona and Messi in particular, seem to have trouble solving Mourinho's tactics, so I believe Real Madrid will either win or draw this game. A draw-no-bet on Madrid is recommended if you really fancy a bet. Going against Barcelona is however never a sure thing.

Draw-no-bet: Real Madrid

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