Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No chance for the Gunners

I am surprised there are still odds on offer for Milan to qualify against Arsenal in tonight's Champions League qualifier. Take them because Arsenal have no chance of qualifying after their 0-4 defeat at the San Siro. Absolutely no chance. They are not sure even to win this game, let alone win by more than 4 goals. This is not the Milan that let a 3-goal slip to Liverpool in the UCL final a few years back. The Italians would have learned their lesson.

Despite its last 2 wins in the EPL, the Gunners are still a thoroughly exposed team with a leaky defence; they were certainly lucky to get the win at Anfield last week-end. Their only positive note for them is Van Persie but Milan will be all too aware to muzzle him. If the visitors score 1, Arsenal will need 6 goals to qualify on the away goals rule. It's mission impossible for Wenger and his team. I am not even bothering reading his comments on his players having the belief to qualify. That's the only thing he can say and every one knows it won't happen. Even if Arsenal were to score the first goal in the first minute, there would be no need be shaking; they will not qualify today and gone will be their last Cup hope again. However small the odds for Milan to qualify, they are a bargain.

To qualify: Milan


  1. I feel that Milan to win this match is a more attractive bet.

    Like you say Arsenal have a leaky defence and yet all they can do tonight is throw caution to the wind and attack. This will leave them extremely vulnerable on the counter.

    I don't believe Milan will shut up shop for 90 minutes. Sometimes the best form of defence is attack, and let's face it it worked in the first leg.


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    1. Thanks for the comments Mark. I went for the certainty option in Milan qualifying (close shave as well) as I thought the game could go either way with Arsenal throwing caution to the wind as you say. The game showed that Milan are an exposed team as well.