Friday, October 22, 2010

Saturday football.

Aargh, Funella Fudge came up 4th... There are no excuses for her run, she just did not stay the trip. It could have been the soft ground that un-did her. Anyway, as long as there was no hard luck story for her unplaced run, I'll accept  it as is, and move on. But losing a place bet because of a 4th place finish is a horrible thing.

This weekend's coming up with some great football match-ups to get over that losing bet. I cannot see Chelsea lose to Wolves. I would usually have them as Win, but since they just played away during the week, you never know about the recuperation aspect of the team. So, I'll have them draw-no-bet. In Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid will win. So I'll have those as Win bets. Mourinho is undefeated in home league games for the past 8 years, so you've just got to pile on Madrid whenever they host weak competition. Barcelona are playing the worst team in the league, so that's an opportunity for them to pile the points, and for you to reap returns as well.

Win: Barcelona, Real Madrid.
Draw-no-bet: Chelsea.

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