Friday, October 15, 2010

What type of punter are you?

People have different approaches when it comes to betting. If you read pro-punter Dave Nevison's book (A Bloody Good Winner), you realize he bets on over-priced (long shot) horses, with the aim of big returns. That means that his strike ratio does not have to be huge; a big long-shot win will pay for numerous small losses. On the other hand, popular pro-punter Harry Findley bets big at small odds (sometimes as low as 3% return). His strike rate needs to be close to 100% for him to make money. I think it's important for any punter to know what type of punter he/she is. It's either one of the extremes above, or somewhere in between. I found out I am more the "small-odds, many-wins" type of punter like Findley. In many cases, I see myself backing sure-win favourites, and at odd times, I will have a flutter on the outsiders. It works for me. I see it as the more you win, the more confidence it instills in you. It does not mean that the other extreme doesn't work. Far from that. However, with that approach, you've got to be confident that there is a big payout happening (sooner than later). So what type of punter are you? is a question any punter should ask.

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